Your donation will go to purchase one of these items, which are requested frequently by advocates and police officers, and will directly help survivors

  • Food Gift Cards (e.g. Burgerville, McDonalds, Starbucks): Victims are often starving, even though they may have $1,000 in their pockets. The officers and advocates know that providing a meal at an initial meeting is an immediate way to make a connection.

  • Clothing Gift Cards (e.g. Target, Fred Meyer): Providing the means for survivors to purchase their own clothing helps them to re-establish control over their lives, control which had been taken from them by their traffickers.

  • PDX Opportunities Fund: Cash donations accepted to cover specific needs of survivors not available to advocates from other resources (e.g. cap & gown fees, after school sports & activities, field trips).

  • Blanket/ Lap Pad Project: Cash donations accepted to cover cost of supplies (fabric, pellets, fiberfill, etc.). 


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If you are interested in sponsoring a collection through an organization or group with which you are affiliated, starting sewing group for the blanket project or arranging for a speaker, please contact us.