Jane Doe in Wonderland comes to PDX

Thanks to Jane Doe in Wonderland, sex trafficking can not only be discussed but fought against by every concerned person inspired by this thought-provoking show
— Betti Webb-Trauth, Eureka Times Standard, 2017

We will be supporting Jane Doe in Wonderland, as we will be a tabling partner at the event on March 30th.  Please come out and support the wonderful cast and crew of Jane Doe in Wonderland, as well as the anti-sex trafficking non-profit organization Game Over, who have produced this show. We would also like to thank the Portland Rotary for inviting us to this event, and for bringing great things like this to the Portland area. 

To find out more, visit their website www.janedoeinwonderland.com


Holiday Donations

For the third year in a row the Aloha Presbyterian Fellowship have provided holiday gifts for Lifeworks NW and DHS. They operate through a giving tree where they pick gifts based on ages and it is done completely anonymous as to protect the identity of the recipients. 

If you are interested in getting involved during the holidays feel free to contact us to set up a pick up. 

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Weighted Blankets

Lifeworks NW, which houses CSEC mental health care services for local child survivors, had a pilot project to try and reduce survivors stress and anxiety. They wanted to try weighted blankets which function as a 'hug' for individuals who are resistant to close personal touch. Most research on weighted blankets has been done with those on the autism spectrum. 

In assistance to this pilot project Giving Connection made six blankets as part of the project. If the project proves as a success we might be looking for sewing groups to help meet the demand. 

Happy Tears

Life works NW reached out to Giving Connection in July, to help with a small item but a huge moment in the life of a survivor. A six year participant/ survivor in Lifeworks NW programs, was preparing to get married. It was a small even in a park. Lifeworks NW had been able to help with table decorations but one thing was missing...the bouquet. 

Giving Connection reached out to a friend of one of the organization members (Justin Waddell of Bloke), who was more than happy to help and delivered in an hour. 

Upon delivery of the custom bouquet, the bride was so surprised that she cried 'happy tears when the last missing element was completed for  her happy day. 

Why Giving Connection exists

"Learning about the extent of sex trafficking of children here in the Portland area really blew my mind. When I moved here four years ago, I had no idea that anything like this was going on in this community, let alone that we were known as a "hub". And to be honest, the information haunted me. Once you know this is happening to OUR neighborhood kids, it is really difficult to ignore the situation. I felt compelled to help in some way and reached out to some of my friends. Giving Connection was born out of our desire to educate the community and get more people involved in supporting the providers and the agencies that work with them."