What We Do

  • Communicate regularly with CSEC agencies to determine what survivors under their care need.

  • Work in conjunction with the Multnomah County Speaker’s Bureau to educate members of local churches, clubs and community organizations.

  • Assist with donation opportunities that vary from individual donations to membership-sponsored group collections.

  • Collect and deliver donations to the CSEC Coordinator; contributions are shared with the agencies based on client need.

  • Recognize social service staff and police officers for their dedication to the victims of child sex trafficking, acknowledging the difficulty of their jobs and offering appreciation for the work they do.


Once you know about children who are being bought and sold for sex “in our own backyard,” you cannot turn your back on them. Giving Connection allows me the opportunity to help move these children from victims to survivors. Through our organization, we also recognize and support the staff in the various agencies who work so hard to rescue these children and help them to rebuild their lives.
— Kay (Giving Connection Member)