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Giving Connection has met with representatives from the agencies we support (Lifeworks NW,
How It Began _ In spring 2016, a counselor at Lifeworks Northwest contacted us. While doin
Why Weighted Blankets _ The idea of using weighted blankets came from a study that focused
Lap Pads _ We began to discuss whether a smaller, more portable weighted object might also


Three agencies and one foster home were given blankets/lap pads to use with survivors.  All reported that survivors liked them and used them daily when under stress or feeling anxious.  At one facility, the clients actually argued over who would get to use them.  At another, one client left the facility (not unusual for survivors who have a hard time breaking the hold of their traffickers) with none of her personal belongings except her blanket!

And then there was an unexpected result-feedback that the caseworkers, therapists, survivors and residence staff also benefitted from them.  Staff members reported feeling a kind of loss when blankets or lap pads weren't available to grab for a few minutes of self-care because clients were using them.  With the amount of vicarious trauma that these individuals experience, their reaction makes perfect sense.

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"We will definitely take more blankets if you have them. We have five kids scheduled to graduate in January and three have asked for a blanket as a graduation gift. That just makes my heart so happy.  I feel like it's a comfort they are taking from here out into their life with them. Of all the things they could ask for, that's the thing!"                                           -Kelli, Morrison Family Services

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